ABC is a 10-session home visiting (or ‘virtual visiting’) program focused on building the attachment and connection between parents and very young children. ABC is designed for children and families who have experienced adversities (e.g., separation, parents’ mental health issues or family violence) but may be helpful to any parent or caregiver who wants to form a stronger, healthier relationship with their young child.

ABC helps parents see what they’re doing right and build on those skills!

Who We Serve:

ABC is available for any family with a child 6-months-old to 4-years-old. Discuss specific eligibility during your initial phone call.

Where Can You Get Services:

ABC is offered at several agencies including the Center for Child & Family Health, Exchange Family Center, and the Children’s Developmental Services Agency; the 10 sessions are typically one-hour long home visits, but the visits may be done virtually

How To Get Connected:

Call or text the Center for Child & Family Heath (CCFH) ABC line at 919-378-1811 or fill out the ABC Interest Form. CCFH can connect you with other ABC providers if they are better able to meet your needs.



Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

Learn More:

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