Breastfeed Durham

Breastfeed Durham focuses on helping families navigate their breastfeeding and breastmilk journeys during a child’s infancy. Providing breastmilk to a child can take a community of support, and this group strives to provide that support. We are committed to helping Durham families make informed decisions that are right for them and their child, whether that results in a child being fed breastmilk or formula. Parents and caregivers are offered education and tools to help explore breastfeeding via breast/chest, through a bottle, or provided by other methods such as supplemental nursing systems, syringes, spoons, gastrostomy tubes or Haberman Feeder.

Who We Serve:

Pregnant and breast/chest/human milk feeding families

Where Can You Get Services:

Online or on the phone.

(Spanish language information is online at

How To Get Connected:

Visit us online to get started






Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

Learn More:

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