Exchange Family Center’s Family Support Program + Workshops

The Family Support Program provides parents and caregivers with parenting tools, educational materials and coaching to help establish and maintain a healthy family environment. Parents and caregivers can arrange for in-home or virtual support services delivered by trained Parenting Coaching and Family Therapists. 

In addition to one-on-one family supports, the Exchange Family Center offers parenting and caregiver workshops throughout the year with focuses on parenting techniques, educational supports and other family-focused tools

Who We Serve:

Any family that lives in Durham County with a child between 0- and 12-years-old

Where Can You Get Services:

Throughout Durham County

How To Get Connected:

Call the Exchange Family Center’s office at 919-403-8249, visit for additional information, or fill out a referral form here:

For additional information on Parenting Workshops visit



All family support services and some parenting workshops are free to families

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish
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