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HealthySteps at Duke Children’s Primary Care North Durham

HealthySteps is a pediatric primary care program that promotes the health, well-being and school readiness of babies and toddlers.  

The HealthySteps Specialist supports families with infants and toddlers as a member of the pediatric primary care team. Parenting can be tough. The HealthySteps Specialist works alongside families to be sure they have the support they need to nurture healthy development and well-being for their little one and prepare them for school and life. Common parenting concerns that the specialist can help address include postpartum depression and anxiety, significant family stress, behavior, sleep or feeding challenges.  

Who We Serve:

Families whose infants and toddlers under age three receive their medical care at Duke Children’s Primary Care-North Durham

Where Can You Get Services:

Duke Children’s Primary Care, 3116 N. Duke St, Durham

How To Get Connected:

Ask your doctor about HealthySteps



Languages Spoken:

English, Uses translation service for other languages

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