Triangle Area Parenting Support (TAPS) – Program for Early Parent Support

Raising young children can feel isolating and asking for help is never easy which is why Triangle Area Parenting Support (TAPS) works so hard to empower new parents. TAPS utilizes the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), parents to create 3 types of parenting groups: Prenatal, Regional Newborn & Community-based groups. Each week parents attend group meetings, make new friends, learn about child development, and build community support for themselves. No matter which type of group you join, you’ll spend time sharing parenting joys and challenges, singing songs, and discussing a vital parenting topic. Meetings also include break time for informal socializing and connecting with other parents.

TAPS Offers 3 PEPS programs:

  • Prenatal PEPS – 4 weeks of online meetings for expecting parents. (Free)
  • Newborn PEPS – 10 weeks of hybrid meetings for parents of babies 0 – 6 months (small program fee)
  • Community-Based Groups- Madres Solidarias & PEPS Play – 8 weeks of hybrid video, chat, and in-person meetings

Our TAPS group has become our village. We have laughed together, cried together, vented together, gotten advice from each other, and commiserated with each other when advice failed. We have celebrated holidays and birthdays together, drank margaritas on moms’ nights out, held garage band-esque jam sessions for the dads, and still meet about 1-2 times a month to catch up and watch our babies grow together as we continue to grow as their parents.
— Krista M. 2019 TAPS Group Member

Who We Serve:

TAPS offers parenting groups for three different stages of parenthood:

  • For parents expecting a new baby
  • For parents of babies under 6 months
  • For parents with babies under 18-months-old

Where Can You Get Services:

Regional groups are hosted across the Triangle area and virtually

How To Get Connected:

Register for the parenting group that best fits your family at or



Varies by length of program and ability to pay.

  • Prenatal: Free. Suggested Donation of $35
  • Newborn PEPS: Choose your own fee $15-$195.
  • MaS & PEPS Play: Free for qualifying families

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

Learn More:

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