Triple P

Triple P is an evidenced-based parenting support program designed to be flexible and meet parents where they are in their parenting journey. Triple P is true parenting support, we do not tell you how to parent; you choose the strategies that fit for your family. The tips and strategies provided are meant to assist with preventing and managing undesired behaviors in children, while also promoting healthy relationships, self-care, and parenting confidence.

Who We Serve:

Triple P is for any parent or caregiver of a child ages 0-16

Where Can You Get Services:

Triple P is offered all over the world and is free to North Carolina residents online OR from a trained practitioner in your area

How To Get Connected:

Free online at or contact Tracee Ferguson at Durham County Department of Public Health, 919-560-8247, to connect with a Triple P practitioner near you.

Triple P Online is available in English, Spanish, Dutch/Flemish, French, German, and Arabic.



Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish, Uses translation service for other languages

Learn More:

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