Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby offers Durham families with children ages 0-to-8 positive parenting workshops that help foster the social and emotional development of children by creating a positive parent-child relationship. We also offer car seat safety, safe sleep strategies, one-on-one consultation and other Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) topics such as Potty Training, Separation Anxiety, School Readiness and more.

In addition to parenting classes, Welcome Baby offers a Giving Closet (children’s clothing, accessories and equipment), Car seat safety (1 car seat/family with a car seat safety class) and Safe Sleep (cribs available).

Who We Serve:

Classes are available to any Durham resident with children 0-to-8; the Giving Closet and Car Seat Safety are available to parents or caregivers with children 0-to-5

Where Can You Get Services:

Welcome Baby’s offices at 721 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701

How To Get Connected:

Call 919-560-7150 or visit Welcome Baby’s Facebook page for daily updates.


Our parenting workshops and Giving Closet are free to all Durham residents. Car Seats and Cribs are $20 co-pay.

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

Learn More:

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